Our mission is to offer the confidence of quality of product and consistency in service through a passionate and never-ending strive towards satisfying our customers’ needs better than anyone in the country can.

Our trained sales personnel and qualified technicians are always available to assist our customers. For bigger projects, we have a vetted list of recommended contractors for any type of job.


Micmar Investments Ltd. opened its first store on Lumumba Road, Lusaka in 1994. The store broke the pattern of smaller hardware shops in the town centre by introducing a “big box” store concept with an unbeaten variety of product ranges, available at highly competitive prices.

Two more stores were opened in Kitwe and Ndola within the following 2 years. A fourth store in Chingola was quickly closed after the shutdown of the mines in the mid 1990s. In 2014 Micmar opened a fourth store on Chachacha Road in Lusaka, a fifth store in 2015 in Kalingalinga and a sixth store was opened at Arcades Mall in Lusaka in 2016.

Over the years Micmar has also invested in other related and non-related industries such as wood processing, copper processing, and property development.

While we have made adjustments to our product ranges, updated our stores, and ventured into new businesses, our mission remains the same.

Micmar continues to be family owned by founder Roman Kroupnik and his son Michael Kroupnik, and run alongside a strong management team.