Micmar is deeply invested in our employees and the communities in which we work. Education and skills development are issues that we believe have the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact.

At Micmar and affiliates, we work to create sustainable jobs and train our employees to further them in their careers. Health and safety issues are regularly highlighted and enforced in the workplace. We have built safe and welcoming work environments, to maximise the well being of all employees.

In addition, we are involved with and support several charities that work with education and training of youth to build better livelihoods. We donate to the following organisations:

Cheshire Divine Providence
Home Delivering education and skills development to help disabled youths earn a living and participate in society.

Kasisi Children’s Home
Providing a home, education, and career support for orphaned children.

Mazabuka Catholic Girls Schools
Furthering education of young girls.

Mukwashi Trust School
Providing quality education to rural children.